Curriculum vitae

Dr. Al-Mohanna, obtained his B.Sc. (1982) from faculty of Marine Sciences , King Abdul Aziz University , Jeddah , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was appointed to the position of administrator in (1983) at faculty of Meteorology , Environment and Arid Land . In 1988, he obtained his Ph.D. from University of Wales in Environmental Pollution and was appointed Assistant Professor .                 

Dr. Al-Mohanna has been actively engaged in education, research, consulting  and advisory services in various field of environment aspects. He was a member of the scientific team who was studying extents and impacts of the oil spill in the Arabian Gulf dur

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ing the Iraqi Kuwait conflict (1991).

Dr. Al-Mohanna has conducted many environmental impact assessment studies on local, national and regional levels. The studies describing the existing component of the environment that will affect, assessing the severity of impact and suggesting mitigating measures. He also has a vast experience in the environmental awareness , he spent three years in deputation to MEPA in which he was the director of Oil Pollution Groups, and the Saudi Environmental Awareness programs and the chairman of MEPA`S Environmental Awareness Committee and MEPA`S Representative in the Scientific Committee for Environmental Exhibition held in Riyadh 1995, Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Al-Mohanna was an environmental consultant for Jeddah chamber of commerce  and industries (JCCI)for three years, in which he  founded and  edited the,

[ENVIRONMENT AND DEVELOPMENT] Magazine, which mainly published by JCCI.

In Dr. Al-Mohanna`s efforts and contribution to the area of environmental awareness among Arabians , he published hundreds of articles in a very respected and well known news papers such as Middle East , Economics ( Arabic Versions), Riyadh, Okas,  Aleqtisadiah and Albilad. Dr. Al-Mohanna   is a very well known environmental writer, his weekly environmental articles in Okaz  and Riyadh news paper have attracted many readers Saudies and none Saudies  (Arabian) and led to the spread of environmental awareness among Arabic populations.


Only little environmental information and text books are available in Arabic . To solve this problem for Dr. Al-Mohanna`s students and others , Dr. Al-Mohanna has translated into Arabic a book entitled " Marine Pollution " edited by R.B. CLARCK PUBLISHED BY OXFORD UNIV. PRESS, 1993 . This book is the main reference for several courses  in environmental Sciences dept. and Marine Sciences Faculty.

Dr. Al-Mohanna has attended and participated in many symposiums, seminars, workshops and professional meetings organised by various institutions, professional bodies and international organisations.








Name               : Dr. Mohammed Mohanna Al Mohanna

Date of Birth   : JAN 11th / 1959

Marital Status : M

Nationality      : Saudi

Religion          :   Islam

Permanent Address : King Abdulaziz University, P.O. Box100610, Jeddah

21311 Saudi Arabia.



Telephones: 00-966 2 6952890- (Offic). Mobile:- 00966-509696955


Š      Ph.D. (1988) in Environmental Pollution from University of Wales

Š      B Sc. (1982) in Marine Biology from King Abdul Aziz University , Jeddah ,K. Saudi Arabia.

Present Academic Rank: Associate Professor since 1996.

Dissertations: Effect of the Petroleum Hydrocarbons on Some Fish and Food Organisms. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Wales,U.K., 1988.


Š      Methods of Evaluations 17-21 February 1990

Š      Teaching Profession 21-28 February 1990.

Š      Academic Supervision 30/11/1990 H


     1982-1988 Demonstrator, Department of Environmental Sciences . Faculty of Meteorology, Environment and Arid Land , King Abdulaziz University, Jedda. KSA

     1988- Assistant Professor, (Environmental Sciences Dept., Faculty of Meteorology Environment and Arid Land Agriculture, King Abdulaziz lJniversity Jeddah.

     1991-1992 Member of Scientific Research Team, Research 1nstitute . King Fahd University for Petroleum & Minerals during the oil spill crisis in the Arabian Gulf.

     1992-1995 Environmental consultant for Jeddah chamber of commerce.

     1992-1995 Editor of, Environment and Development Supplement, Tijarah Magazine, published by the Chamber of Commerce, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

     1992-1993 Consultant (Part time), Meteorology & Environmental Protection Administrate (MEPA), Ministry of Civil Aviation and Defence, Saudi Arabia.

     1993-1995 Environmental Consultant, On deputation to  (MEPA), Jeddah, Saudi


1996-up to date .Associate  prof.; Dept of Environ. King Abdul Aziz Univ.

     1999- up to date Member of National committee for Environmental protection Champers council in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

     1999 - 2000 Environmental Consultant, On deputation to Ministry of interior.

     1999 up to date member of Environment and Natural resources committee, King Abdul Aziz city for sciences and Technology. Riyadh




Taught the following courses:


INT. TO ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES      ENS- 200 Univ. Compulsory Course

 Environment and Development                            ENS- 204

 Water Pollution I                                               ENS- 323

 Water Pollution 11                                             ENS-333A

 Water Pollution Lab 11.                                     ENS-333B

 Special Topics                                                               ENS-549

                                                                            A,B and C

Graduation Project                                            ENS-539

En Impact Assessment of Saudi Arabia           ENS-542

Remote Sensing                                                 ENS-544

Advanced Water Pollution                                ENS-732

          Marine Pollution                                                ENS-356

          General Environment. Sci                                  ENS-100 







The main stream of Dr. Al-Mohanna research interest is directed toward understanding the influence of different pollutants upon aquatic environmental  . This includes hydrocarbons , Halogenated hydrocarbons and heavy metals  effects, build-up and depuration as well as other toxicants accumulation in water, sediments and tissues of living organisms and oil pollution in open and closed water bodies.

His research interest is also extended to include  environmental awarness through his articles which is publishing in local, regional  and national newspapers TV channels and environmental awareness programs.   Dr Al-Mohanna has many ongoing research activities related to his speciality .



Principal Investigator of the following projects:

Š      Environmental Impact Assessment (Environmental Audit) for Makkah Intercontinental Hotel, Makkah (1990).

Š      Determination of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in the Arabian Gulf Sediments and Living Organisms During the Gulf Crisis (1991(

Š      Determination of Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon in Fresh and Frozen Fish, ponsored by King Abdulaziz University. Project completed and the final report submitted in 1993.

Š      Monitoring of Heavy Metals in Some Fishes from the Red Sea and Gizan Basic Research.



Member of known Scientific Societies, such as:

Š      Saudi Biological Society.

Š      Water Scientific and Technical Society.

Š      New York Academy of Sciences.


Š      Chairman of Equipment, Glasswares and Chemical purchasing committee (1990(

Š      Chairman of Technical Committee, Environmental Scientific Department (1990).

Š      Member of the College Equipment Maintenance Committee (1990).

Š      Member of the University Cultural and Art General Committee from (1991).

Š      Chairman of the College Teaching Development Unit (1991).

Š      Member of the College Laboratory and Equipment Committee(1991).

Š      Member of the Faculty Council (1991).

Š      Member of the Faculty Committee for Higher Education (1991).

Š      Member of the University Social Committee (1992).

Š      Member of the Faculty Committee for Scientific Research (1992).

Š      Member of the Faculty Committee for Higher Education (1993).

Š      Member of the Higher Education Committee at King Abdulaziz University, (1998).

Š      Member of the National Committee for Protection of Environment and Wild Life at Consul of Saudi Chambers of Commerce and Industry (1999).



Š      Saudi Earth Science Symposium, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia 1989.

Š      Symposium on Environment and Development, MEPA and UNDP, Riyadh Saudi Arabia March 18-20, 1990.

Š      First Arabian Conference for Environmental Studies and Research Zagazeeg University and Police Academy, Cairo, Egypt, December 3-5 1991.

Š      Symposium on Environment and Development, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce and CCC, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1992.

Š      Symposium on Environmental Management, ILD/Gulf Employers Organizations, Fujairah, UAE, December 5-7,  1992.

Š      Symposium on Environmental Planning and Development in CCC Countries, Kuwait, June  13-15, 1993.

Š      Saudi Engineering conferences Held in Jeddah l993,Dahran 1986,Riyadh 1992 and Jeddah 1996.

Š      Symposium on Sciences & Environment Planning and Development in Arabian World, Damascus, Syria, 1999.

Š      Third symposium on desertification and Environment beyond year 2000,King Saud Univ. Riyadh. Saudi Arabia 1999.



Well written articles have been contributed to national and international newspapers such as Middle East AlEqtesadiah, Riyadh and Okas Newspapers . Dr Al-Mohanna has published some environmental letters in Attegarah, Iqra , Alyamamah and almajallah magazine . All articles were concerned with different environmental issues such as:

       Environmental Awareness

       Environment & Politics

       Environmental Economy

       Environment & Development

       Environment & Energy

       Environmental Analysis and Point of Views.





Monitoring of Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Some Heavy Metals in Edible Fishes from Gizan Area ( Saeed Bin Mahfuz), 1994.




Š      A will known writer in local and Arabian newspapers and magazine (Environmental Articles).

Š      The editor of Environment and development supplement, Al Tigarah magazine

Š      Translation into Arabic the book titled ‘Marine Pollution” by R.B. Clark, Oxford Univ. Press, 1993.

Š       A book titeled (The subject of Environ:Suadi.Arabian and international point of views).1999.In Arabic.

Š       The book titeled (The Environment in Arabia.. facts & Hopes).2001.In Arabic.


Selected Scientific Papers

1.     Al-Mohanna, M. Khalaf, A,, and Yasin, A. (1991), “Determination of Trihatomethane in the Drinking Water of Jeddah City”. JKAU: Met Arid Land Agric. Sd., VoL2, pp.135-140.

2.     Al-Mohanna, M. (1992). “Effects of Saudi Crude Oil on Survival and Respiration Rates of Shrimps Penaeus Mondon JKAU: Met., Env. Arid Land Agri Sci., Vol.3, pp.109-116

3.     Al-Mohanna, M. and Yasin, Y. (1992). “The Role of Media in Striking a Balance Between Environment and Development”. Proc. Of Environ. & Develop. Conference Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry &G .C.C. Riyadh.

4.     Al-Mohanna, M., Al H and Nelson-Smith, A. (1993)Effects of Abu Dhabi Crude Oil, Hexane and Benzene on the Development of Herring Clupea Harengus L”. J. Egypt Ger. Soc. Zool.VoL II(B), Anatomy and Embryology, pp.115-132.

5.     Al-Mohanna. M., Al-Ghamdi, H. and K.hari, A. (1993). “Surveillance of Some Heavy Metals in Fishes Collected from Red Sea Coast. Jeddah Arabia”. Proc. Zoo!. Soc. A.R.E., Vol.24.

6.     A1 H. and Al-Mohanna, M. (1993). “Determination of Some Heavy Metals in Five Fish Species imported to Saudi Arabia for Human Consumption”, Proc. Zool. Soc. A.R.E., Vol.24.

7.     Al-Mohanna, M. (1994). “Residues of Some Heavy Metals in Fishes Collected From (Red Sea Coast) Jizan, Saudi Arabia”. J. EnvironBiol., Vol. 15(2), pp. 149-157.  

8.     Ai Hydrocarbons in some Fishes From Gizan Area, Southern Red Sea “,J.Environ .Biol.

9.     Al-Mohanna ,M.(2000).Effect of Aromatic hydrocarbons on the liver of five Different species of fishes along the Red Sea Coast of Jeddah and Gizan”.

10.   Al-Moharma, M.(2000) Residues of organic contaminants in some imported fish for human consumption in a frozen form.proc.2001 .soc.AR.B.

11.   Al-Mohanna ,M.(2000) .‘Determination of Aromatic hydrocarbons in the "gills" of five different fish species along the Red Sea coast of Jeddah and Gizan.JKAU:Met.,Env., Arid land Agri.Sei.

12.   Al-Mohanna Determination of Aromatic hydrocarbons in the gutof five different fish species along the Red Sea coast of Jeddah and Gizan.JKAU: Mar Sci.